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Flooded Building – Plans Lost!

Document Scanning Service - Brisbane flood

Document Scanning saves the day! Document Scanning allows immediate restoration work to commence after building plans were lost in the Brisbane Floods. In 2010 – 2011, extensive floods devastated Brisbane, and in the industrial area of West End, a property managed by Dexus was flooded… Continue reading

Rockdale Library – historic preservation

Document Scanning to preserve history Document Scanning – Rockdale library had been storing numerous historic plans, photos and drawings relating to the area but wanted to make them more accessible to the public without fear of having them damaged or lost. Plan Express have scanned… Continue reading

Housing NSW – reducing storage

Document Scanning and indexing Document Scanning – Housing NSW were concerned about the ongoing costs of continuing to store over 40,000  plans.   In addition to that at any time it was very difficult for them to find a particular plan or set of documents… Continue reading

DEXUS – records management

Records management - Document Scanning

Document Scanning for Records Management System Document Scanning – DEXUS manage numerous properties all over Australia with plans usually stored in ad hoc arrangements at each property.  Problems continually arose when property managers required access to plans but found that they were not readily available.… Continue reading

Centro – no more lost plans

Document Scanning – don’t lose another document! Document Scanning – The plan room was difficult to  manage. Plans would be taken by tradespeople and not properly filed when returned. When a plan was needed office staff would be sent to locate it, sometimes taking hours, even days… Continue reading

Delkor – On the move

Document Scanning reduces storage needs Document Scanning – Delkor need to keep engineering shop drawings and other records  for time periods exceeding 20 years.   This is as a result of  requests for spares which may arise many years after initial installation of their products.… Continue reading

Realserve – project folders

Document scanning of project folders Document scanning – Realserve had limited shelf space in their new office premises.  As their business grew, storage of past project information, which they need to keep, became unwieldly, but there was no way to continue to store the physical project folders… Continue reading

Target – free up space

Document scanning – need more space? Document scanning – Head office  needed more space to fit extra staff but there were too many cabinets and shelves full of plans. Plan Express scanned the plans to PDF and indexed them. All plans now reside on a shared… Continue reading

Jones Lang LaSalle – easier management

Document Scanning makes for easier management Document Scanning – Property supervisors and managers did not have easy access to the plans that they needed to effectively manage the properties they were responsible for. Plan Express scanned and indexed many properties Australia wide. Once their property managers’ saw… Continue reading