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Document Scanning for Records Management System

Document Scanning – DEXUS manage numerous properties all over Australia with plans usually stored in ad hoc arrangements at each property.  Problems continually arose when property managers required access to plans but found that they were not readily available.  Over time plans would get lost or damaged, causing problems when they were urgently needed by consultants or trades to carry out alterations or repairs. Plans were also difficult to provide when requested by potential purchasers of a property for sale.

As part of their overall records management strategy DEXUS arranged for Plan Express to scan plans for each of their properties.  This included providing an electronic index of each plan which provided the meta data needed to make the plans searchable in the DEXUS Document Management System.  This now provides a central source for Asset and Property Managers to find the documents they require.

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Document Scanning – the benefits

Save storage space
No need for shelves full of folders or plan rooms full of plans
Save money
No need for expensive onsite or offsite storage
Save time
Documents are more easily accessed and distributed
Save stress
Important paper documents are effectively backed up

Document Scanning or Document Imaging is the process which converts paper based information  to electronic images that are stored in a computer. Document imaging is an important part of doing business. Document scanning and document  imaging helps to ensure that business paperwork can be saved and archived safely.

Almost all companies have a large number of documents that only exist in a paper format.  Document Scanning or imaging allows an organisation to capture this  paper based information and save it  in a computer electronically.

Document Scanning or Document Imaging form the basis of  Document Management Systems and Records Management Systems.

To make scanned documents really useful they need to be indexed to allow them to be searched.  This can be done by a process called Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which converts graphic images to searchable text.

Depending on the type of  documents and the quality of indexing required, indexing may need to be done manually.  This involves an operator viewing each document and extracting the relevant information into a spreadsheet or database.  For example when scanning  or imaging plans common information from each plan can be extracted such as plan and revision number, author, date and description.

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