Target – free up space

Document scanning – need more space?

Document scanning – Head office needed more space to fit extra staff but there were too many cabinets and shelves full of plans.

Plan Express scanned the plans to PDF and indexed them. All plans now reside on a shared drive giving everyone who need them quick and easy access …. and now they also have the space for the extra staff!

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Document Scanning or Document Imaging is the process which converts paper based information  to electronic images that are stored in a computer. Document imaging is an important part of doing business. Document scanning and document  imaging helps to ensure that business paperwork can be saved and archived safely.

Almost all companies have a large number of documents that only exist in a paper format.  Document Scanning or imaging allows an organisation to capture this  paper based information and save it  in a computer electronically.

Document Scanning – the benefits

Save storage space
No need for shelves full of folders or plan rooms full of plans
Save money
No need for expensive onsite or offsite storage
Save time
Documents are more easily accessed and distributed
Save stress
Important paper documents are effectively backed up
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